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23rd of the 10th is my day | Sydney

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P sure Dongwoon n yoseobs earrings r fake magnetic ones lol

Then why did they go to a piercing shop?….. D:

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aaww thanks :3 i don’t really have anyone to send it to… but i’ll try ^^ THANK YOU!!!!~~~

love your tumblr and do you have a favorite kpop group.

aaawww thanks :3 and yes… b2st hahaha obviously xD

No offense but i hope the beast fandom breaks apart. All of you b2uties think you're so amazing and peaceful when you're all stupid. Gtfo no one needs you guys in the kpop world. You guys are just like your oppas. Trash.

Well good to hear you have your own opinions and i never said i was amazing, never said b2uties were peaceful either. Do I even consider them my “oppas”? Not really….. All I was doing was protecting a friend from unecessary hate on his music taste. Simple as that.

Haters gon’ hate.

Thanks for following! I love love your blog~ :D

:) you’re welcome and thanks ^^

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naaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww :) thanks lovely <3

your blog kinda sucks.

thanks :)

seohyunshidae replied to your post: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish they included “australia” as part of the “world” tour. fail korea :(

ugh i know right :/ and you know when they say “Asia tour”. Well technically Australia IS part of ASIA!!!!!! D: That’s why sometimes you hear people say AustralASIA

just saying.

where are you live? why you don't go to beautiful show ?

haha i live in Australia 

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… yay for more spam?

and are you saying i need to lose weight!?!?!?! cheesus! rude.

yeah they did…not all perfs are there and …they aired a lot of non-asians instead of some asians zzz

HAHA i know. when i was watching it with my mum we both realised they never panned to the asian audience xD it’s coz they want to show that kpop isn’t popular JUST with asians.

hai tuff :)

hai puff! :D

soya-milk replied to your post: I just realised I’m skipping school… o.o A girl… omg your going to the rehearsals lucky!! Lol Yes, I know I’m so lucky!!! I’m so excited hehehehehe :)

love your blog

thanks :) sorry for the late reply